Hardwood Flooring Myths, Debunked!

Selecting the proper floor for your home isn't a simple feat, and it's important to do your research so you choose the best choice for your needs. We would like to help you make an educated decision, so keep these common myths in mind while doing your research. 1.Hardwood floors can not hold up to wear and tear from children and pets Wood species change in terms of hardness and durability. To maximize durability and extend the lifespan of unfinished hardwood flooring , manufacturers employ a paint coating to reduce wear and tear, and there are great complete products which can withstand heavy foot traffic like in restaurants and malls, and at home. 2.Wood Flooring show dirt and dust more than other flooring options It's an edge that timber flooring reveal dust particles over other flooring choices because if ignored, your flooring can harbor mold and dirt, lowering the standard of air inside your property. This may cause allergies or bring about more serious respiratory ail